Why TeamingUp

Because we are genuine, honest and a little bit nuts. We are a hardworking, fun loving and persevering crowd that loves nothing more than finding the perfect match (and chocolate) for you. At TeamingUp, we love to differentiate and thrive to go the extra mile for you.

How TeamingUp

We are born networkers, fast thinkers and go getters. We are constantly in touch with IT-professionals and actively invest in our personal network. This way we are able to react fast to your demand. We always provide an answer and keep going until we find a qualitative solution. We work with specific testing (Twegos) to see how well you fit in a project, a team or an organization.

We TeamingUp

TeamingUp is born out of the ambition to change the way consultancy currently works. We love to shuffle the cards and dare to be different. We are convinced that the value of human capital is greater than any other. 3 HR geniuses, 1 passionate student and 1 sales wizard work in natural synchronicity. We all have our own tics and that’s what makes us a human team turning every project into a gain.

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Hangar 26/27
Rijnkaai 100 B16
2000 Antwerpen

+32 3 259 04 70